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Hearing loss affects millions of Americans and leads to communication problems and frustration. Find a solution to your needs at Hearing Care Center. For years we've been a trusted resource for professional hearing impaired services in Faribault and Mankato.
We use years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment to provide the best possible assistance. Schedule an appointment with our hearing loss professionals right now.

Compassionate assistance with your hearing loss

Our hearing health care practitioners treat every patient like a member of the family. We have multiple locations throughout Minnesota and offer house calls for those who can't travel to our care center.
Once you schedule an appointment, we'll perform an evaluation and use those results to create a hearing aid specifically for you.
Not sure if you have a hearing problem? If you're experiencing any of the following signs, make an appointment at one of our centers.

  • You ask people to repeat themselves
  • Your family complains that you play the TV too loudly
  • You have trouble hearing in groups or crowds
  • You can hear, but have trouble understanding
  • You believe people are mumbling more than usual

If you're ready to put your hearing problems behind you and start the journey toward a whole new life - turn to Hearing Care Center in Faribault and Mankato servicing surrounding areas . Tell our health care practitioners about your hearing loss as soon as possible.

Discover how great your life can be with better hearing. Get the help you need from Hearing Care Center in Faribault and Mankato, MN servicing surrounding areas. Once we determine the best solution to your hearing loss, we'll make sure you're fully informed about the next steps.

Call our Faribault or Mankato office now to start the path toward a whole new you.

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